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I was driving at Cr England after my upgrade and I have a team driver that discriminate me about my nationality I report this incident to my dispatcher in Utah and she didn't anything to giving a warning or suspend him and she didn't answer my calls and trow me from her drivers line because I'm a new driver... And now I have to pay the tuition cost because I quit....i don't want work in a company... Read more

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my husband went through cr England school, I was very nervous because of everything I read. I will tell you that he started in July and it is November and he makes just enough money to feed himself. I am able to pay the bills and mortgage through my job and our savings. I guess I am lucky. My daughter got married in oct and he put in for time off a month ahead. He wasent able to make it back in... Read more

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Dumb england driver going east on 84 headed up cabbage mtn in pendleton orgeon and driver 53490 wanted to bright light us and run us off the mtn. You got a bunch of *** respect for fellow truckers. Add comment

Horrible experience with cr england, went through their school, they do run you through like cattle, they don't let you know what you're signing, when you ask they tell ypu we need to process so you can work ! I was warned as I started they were bad; I just figured every company someone talks smack about, but when I'm clear across state and people I don't even know! Coming up to me, saying... Read more

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Very disappointed in the thought mentality that is put into running this scam. Use up employees like toilet paper. When they are through with you they toss you out and don't care what happens to themk Add comment

One of their trucks tried to run me off interstate 80 yesterday morning. Forget the fact that he was speeding through a construction zone, once the lanes merged back together, he started coming into my lane even after I laid on the horn! I floored my gas and drove on the shoulder, literally burning rubber to clear the front of the truck. My engine was smoking and the check engine light came on... Read more

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CR England lies to drivers about time off request...Each month you go through fire just to get them to get you home/even after approved days off by DM ..As a wife and new at this type if lifestyle not getting a warm fuzzy feeling when i'm getting a call saying the DM that shoved thus wonderful load going from MS should get you to Dallas then bobtail to West Tx has turned out to be bull***, DM... Read more

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I attended England's driving school in2010. I would say they have a good school but everything else about them is bad. As soon As you get in a classroom they try to force you to lease a truck. They try to brainwash you into believing if you fail it's all your fault . trainers are very rude sometimes dangerous abusive hadtrainer trying to make me do unsafe passing. Drive when they are supposed to... Read more

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Had a Cr England driver almost hit us driving home maybe she should have been paying more attention to the road instead of her cell phone..her( yes a woman) shouldn't have princess on the side of truck more a hands free sticker Add comment

I don't know if CR England only hires inconsiderate drivers or if they are taught to be inconsiderate as part of their training. But there is little public parking in Wichita, KS, so when two drivers take up four parking spots it creates great hardship for other drivers trying to find a place to park for the night before they run out of hours. And when the third CR England driver parks, and... Read more

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