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Had a Cr England driver almost hit us driving home maybe she should have been paying more attention to the road instead of her cell phone..her( yes a woman) shouldn't have princess on the side of truck more a hands free sticker Add comment

  • Aug 11
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Cr England Staff
  • 163

I don't know if CR England only hires inconsiderate drivers or if they are taught to be inconsiderate as part of their training. But there is little public parking in Wichita, KS, so when two drivers take up four parking spots it creates great hardship for other drivers trying to find a place to park for the night before they run out of hours. And when the third CR England driver parks, and... Read more

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  • Jul 28
  • Education
  • Burlington, New Jersey
  • Cr England Truck Driving School
  • 3
  • 3
  • 437

CREngland, they don't tell you much in the beginning so they can lower you into their program, then they make you pay to get the permit and then once that's done they make you sign a contract that crengland will pay the full amount (bs because they own the school) and if you drop out you owe them $9000, or there's the door, so of coarse you sign because they make it sound good and all, but that... Read more

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  • Jul 20
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • Cr England Cdl License Program
  • 1
  • 1
  • 156

I got my CDL's there in 2011 the yard boss Dave was racist toward African Americans. My white roommate and I both had food poisoning. She was told she could go to the hotel and rest. I was told if I couldn't hang I could get on the bus and return home. It was just mind blowing to me. Aweful experience but I excelled anyway. He has been let go since then. Thank God. Read more

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  • Jun 29
  • Driving School
  • Gainesville, Florida
  • Cdl Training
  • 3
  • 3
  • 659

My Husband found CR England and filled out their on-line application.Ok The Recruiter Tiffany Santini then called him up and made everything sound like beautiful roses.Free CDL Training $7500 tuition fee paid for by CR England and only $88 for permit fee. SO we set up everything we had to do on our part she never spoke to us again til 2 days before he had to be at the Greyhound Bus Station and... Read more

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  • Jun 28
  • Employees and Ex-employees
  • Moreno Valley, California
  • Work Experience
  • 274

This company cr england is the shittest company in the world. Im sorry they dont care about their employees all they care about is when they gonna get their money. My ex was in an accident and they didnt give a *** about his health or how he was doing they called him 4 days after the accident and asked him so when are you coming back so we can get you in the truck. Wtf are you kidding my company... Read more

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Haha not a consumer. One of there trucks had a blow out and smashed into my windshield. Brand new car just wanted my windshueld fixed. Instead getting told witness (another truck driver ) supposedly said i was tailgating from the opposite lane. Add comment

  • May 21
  • Transportation and Delivery
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Training Program
  • 1
  • 1
  • 545

Went to the school in burns harbor Indiana got my license and went through they training and got my truck asigned to me and thats all they do is keep giving u load after load and they don't care if u get driver forteg or not they keep pushing u so yhey got they bonuses and drive you in the ground during it.and then then maintenance for they truckd are the worst gets bad when u refuse to take they... Read more

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Cr england is a horrible school and company DO NOT ATTEND you will be signing your soul over for free Sincerely, CrEngland slave Add comment

  • Mar 07
  • Employees and Ex-employees
  • Dallas, Oregon
  • Work Experience
  • 744

C.R England is the first company you see looking for a truck driving school because they advertise a lot. The corporation makes there money off contracts, title for loans(tuition) and lease agreements. They are the lowest paid trucking company in the industry. They are also the most frowned upon do to their high level of accidents, low pay and high turn over rates. I was wrongfully terminated... Read more

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