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They are good for getting you a CDL, not so good for getting you the training that you need in a proper and safe manner.My husband had been on his truck one month and was given a student!!!

He was trying to figure things out and was given someone else to teach! He stuck with it and became a great driver and trainer, however, he was never given a single bonus for all of the people that he trained and they all passed on to the next level. They did not want to allow him home time, was home every 4 months, and when I got on the truck I was on it for 3 days (signed on for a month) and they were trying to put a student on the truck with him and asked every day if I was still on the truck. When he finally had enough, had nearly been killed by students at least 12 times and wanted to go solo...they told him he would only make $0.28 per mile after 3 years with them!

When he tried to leave they made it clear that they would flag his license. So he got his current job squared away, then a week before he left the told them and then they told him that if he did not leave his truck in SLC they would get him for abandoning the truck! He told them that he leaving it in one of their yards, which was legal, and I drove there and collected him. They were telling him that he couldn't leave the truck there because "no one could pick up the truck in that area" which was more ***.

They still did not accept that he had quit. The next day he was receiving Qualcomm messages on his Iphone between England and a driver who was in the truck and confused as to why it was not stocked with my husband's personal items, tools, GPS, refridgerator and food...they had promised this guy that my husband had left the truck with all of this belongings in it and that he could have them! WRONG! All the while they were call him wanting to know when he was going to accept his next load assignment!

It has been a solid year since he left and they still call him several times a month trying to get him to come back. He has to them that he might consider it if they paid him the thousands of dollars in bonuses that they neglected to pay him over 3 years. So check has arrived!

If you go to CR England use them to get your CDL, give them the 9 months that they require, get another job and then leave.Some people like them...but they really suck...and are losing all of their major that is not good at all.

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