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A CR.England truck driver was driving approximately 75mph minimum (since he passed me going speed limit) and was weaving into the carpool lane from the middle lane heading eastbound 680 Walnut Creek CA. This incident continued for at least 2 miles as other drivers were attempting to stay clear of this reckless driver in the CR England truck number 4901....when i attempted to continue driving in the "carpool" lane,this *** swerved towards my... Read more

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I was just released by CR England after 4 weeks of schooling. I was onmy second attempt at parallel parking the tester was on his phone texting with someone when all of the sudden he would stop me in mid testing to go to the bathroom. The first time i sat in the truck waiting for 45 munutes and the second time was 30 minutes. He finally returned and told me i failed. I was not given a 3rd chance and was released and inow owe them money. Is there... Read more

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Went to one of their partner schools and got wrongfully terminated. Currently in the process of suing, as well as talking with the EEOC.

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In my experience, their training is indeed a scam for most people that they recruit. They said you can get training. Once you get your CDL and work for them for half year, the training fee will be waived. However, they don't need that many truck drivers. What really happened is they deliberatly not to teach some skills, then in the apprentice state they said you make mistakes because of this. So they dismiss you but you still have to pay $3000... Read more

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If you can get CDL and get away from this company. They cheat you out of miles and pay. Dm Lynn Smith, was unfair and very rude she lies and leads you on. They are nothing but a group of thugs. Because when one person has a problem with you look out here comes the rest. Also they do not stick to there own policy. And they will find a way to fire you and still keep the contract open just to make money. Plz if you can go anywhere else. Go this is... Read more

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My son got on a bus to Harrisburg, PA on 2/14/16. We live in Philadelphia. He was told school was full and could not attend. Today is April 2. He is still waiting placement on a truck with trainer. He completed training which was longer than promised because they were short trainers. He passed license and finished orientation on March 21. He was advised he may be waiting for a trainer for one to two weeks. He asked if he could leave hotel and... Read more

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I had a same direction side swipe with no injuries and no citations, a no-fault accident. I was allowed to 'complete' my training hours and set for the road and backing evaluation. Problem is, I was trained in a 10-speed international for 6 weeks. For the eval i was put into an 8-speed Freightliner. The shift patterns are reversed. So, I failed my shifting eval. Next, i bumped a curb during road eval which is an auto fail. The next part is... Read more

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What a joke. One day away from testing, and then disqualified because of a poor credit rating. Really? The only reason I have a poor credit rating is because I have been out of work for some time and it's not easy to make payments when you don't have any income. No chance to explain... Just pack your things, and get on with yourself. This company only seems to care about itself, and not the hardworking individual. No chance of explanation. NEXT.. Read more

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Company good for female drivers they will give you a chance if anything they spoil female drivers they were always good to me Read more

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My wife and I worked for CR England for 7 years. Factually speaking, most people that complain about the Company have brought upon themselves. England has a high freight volume and an upfront policy regarding work ethic, which is explained to everyone from day 1. As a person who was a Safety Ambassador for the Company, I can assure you that Safety and the use of Common Sense are the most important to the Company and the Customers they serve. If... Read more

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