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I was one of them fools who went to work for CR England and ended up spending my own money to deliver their loads.After all most three months in training (keep in mind i was a refresher course student and had a CDL for over 10 years), i leased a new truck, with promises of making lots of money.

The first day out, 25 miles from my first drop, the truck broke down and had to be towed to Memphis, Tn. The drop was down for over two weeks and I was stuck paying for everything. This company abandon me and refuse to help me eat. After i got the truck back, my first pay settlement was 2455.00 in the hole.

I never caught up and never made a dime with this company. The truck brole down again, while i was in california, and the same attitude was demonstrated by this piece of s--t company.

I eventually turned it in, and this piec of s--t company has put wrongful and negative info on my DAC.Please, Please, Please stay away from this company if you want to stay out of bankruptcy.

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Yesh,they always paid less than miles driver manager at that time said to me by cell phone and via Quailcomm that's just the way it is and ther's nothing I nor we can do.They always had some lame excuse why they denied detention


Happen to me too!unpaid loads,unpaid downtime,unpaid for miles by my first student,unpaid lumber fee.They owe me several thousands of $,$$$'$. I might let my attorneys in Memphis,Tn help with the collections.My attorney's are willing to collect based on a percentage bases


Whhhaaaaaaaaaa... they got you too? so i am not alone...ha..ha...ha I knew all along that we are not dam, *** or ***... C.R. England was pretty good at making us to believe that there is a fortune in their chest...he...he...he we were duped into believing that.. until the day each one of us found out the lies hidden beneath their stories...

I was a student in Mira LOma,the year was 2010,,the month was July. My first day in Phase 1 was on the fourth of July... I did not lease because I wanted to outsmart them(the company liars)and I ended up a company driver(OTR and was coerced by my Supervisor

to help the guys run the Walmart load in the Rockies during the winter) until the day I filed an indifinite leave with HR (under Carie Johansen)because they won't give me a day-off enough to finish my documents,which the government needed from me.

It was only today that I was able to paid-off my balance with Eagle Atlantic and could not believe that my last check payment to them is lost or never been received by them..maybe they want me to get surcharges for late payments and pay more.....

I read all the comments here in this forum and just smiled because they are all true and I happened to experience most of them including being cursed everytime the Phase 1 trainor is sitting besides me....

Lastly, I let you know about what C.R.England Accounting or Payroll Department told me when I asked about the $0.03 per mile that I could not...

I told told them that I am a company driver and not bound by the agreement brcause I am not a driver operator.... still I have to lose that three cents/mile that I should have in my pocket thru honest income and hardwork. sweat and blood... but, they suck it.

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#415697 a bunk atmosphere with other dudes? I'm there!!!! Friggin' hot!


big lies come from C.R.

England. dont be another fool. also for lodgin they put you in a nice hotel room to share wt other new drivers. but they send you to a hotel only if the ugly housing hotel , like a doorm like is full.

other wise they put you in a bunk bed to share wt 6 or 8 other students.

this place make me like a housin dormitory.

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