These complaints are absoulty accurate.CR England has no true leader setting values and limits.

Everyone (management and office support personnel) is sort of on their own, doing and saying whatever they want. They lie, ignore, and mistreat "The Driver". The driver who is the BACKBONE of this company is treated like some farm animal.

CR England you need to pull your head out of your Buttocks, and observe how the driver is treated. Look at at your turn over rate, read these post, survey drivers.

For the most part a very large percentage of drivers are hard working, dedicated, motivated, and willing to sacrafice,(upto a certain point)to get the job done. ARE YOU?


Treat people well, respect them and lead by example and people will work extremely hard to accomplish the goal.Treat them like animals, disrespet them, show you don't care, and you get CR ENGLAND 2009.

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I was just sitting here on a dl I was 48 hours early on with no compensation other than the .15 cents. Who's hiring outside England?


Well, I have been out on my own for a month now.And yes, my experience with cre has been disturbing to say the least.

All comments that I have read I have experienced myself aswell. But I will say this, once you rid yourself of the hate for the people that treat you like this (because that's exactly what it is, just people who hate their jobs with the ability to make someone else's life just as miserable as there's, if only for a moment) once you look past these PEOPLE... and look tward your family and your future you will see that you can take care of them fairly well. Just have to suck it up.

Be a man. Have a mission or goal and funk the others. I make $ 900-$1200 a week company SOLO! I won't stop working because that's why I am here.

I say stop looking for someone to rub your back and say everthings going to be ok.

You ultimately are the one that makes everything ok.If it is too much for you be real with yourself and simply go home.

Brinkley, Arkansas, United States #670766

Drove lease and made ph#1 trainer.Scaped barely by until I did.

Then tickets from two months prior all of a sudden disqualified me. Both were traps one the cop was shakng when he wrote the ticket cause he knew he was wrong and scaming truckers. England doesn't care. Lied to me to get me back to Salt Lake only to have to throw away all my stuff cause they would not let me leave to go to a UPS store to ship it.

Took, took, and charged thousands of dollars to "bring the truck up to spec". I just had an inspection a week ago with my pm. $188 greyhound home. Stay well away.

All these accusations are true. THey put on an act then talk trash about the dumb cattle that drive for them and helps make them rich. They hate drivers and only care about the CSA points. All the truckerrs laugh when they hear you drive for CRE.

Saying only suckers drive for them You pay England to drive there trucks not the other wy around.

Many, many lawsuits they are still involved with.Driver beware, stay well away from these *** artist.

Anniston, Alabama, United States #633159

there are allot of companies like this they use you, abuse you and get rid of you,,,, all for profit,,, that is trucking... :p :p

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #613433

Been with the company for over 6 months.

As a company driver pay is horrible, starting at .25/mile your first year with a .01/mile increase every 6 months. This is the lowest in the industry your first year.

I did receive free cdl training, but at the current pay rate, I wont be making .30/mile for another 3 years. .30/mile is the average starting rate for new drivers.

Plus the DM's (driver managers) treat you like a number and not a person. They will yell, disrespect and demoralize you anytime you ask for a day off.

I get ok mileage 1500-3000 a week, but they will push you until you have 0 hrs on your hos and you'll run 2-3 weeks without a day off.

CR England = worst paid, worst managed company I have ever worked for.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #574585

I have a son that was called by this "company".They paid for him to go to IN and "train" and then get on the road with a so called trainer.

He had to take another physical and they wanted to charge him for a new CDL that was only 2 months old. He had to go to training everyday and was told he would be out on the road the week of Thanksgiving, which was 2 weeks after getting there. Well the day after Thanksgiving he calls and says "they are sending me home". I was like WTF????

They never paid him, his recurtier never would answer the phone or call back. He is home now and I am glad he is out of that h*ll hole of a place he was in. Apparently CREngland is only about the money and bends their people over any chance they can get. I would stay AWAY far far away from these people.

They are all shady and none of them know what the other is doing. Right Anna?

you call yourself a recruter??:( :( :(


well i was going to go here.... all i have to say phew!!!thank god my mother found this!!! :? :?


I will say this....CRE is a big JOKE!!!my bf is right now on a truck with a "trainer" at which he shouldn't be...he has 15yrs driving exp.

and they have been giving him the run around. I feel really bad about this, I had told him about this company and feel bad that he went to join them.

They care nothing about employees....and they do LIE, told him orentations would be paid, and they weren't, he was put in a hotel in the middle of nowhere not close to anythihng, treated like s&&t and over and over given the run around when he tried calling to clarify things.He wants to give up...its almost been a month and stil haven't gotten on his own truck yet.....I WARN ANYONE...AS I AM READING OTHER POST TOO, ***DO NOT JOIN WITH THIS COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET IT****


I've been here now waiting for a trainer almost eight days, waiting to be (what else) trained; I just now ran into another student here at one of their premier hotels and he said he is going home.Of course, I am curious, since I'm in the same situation.

I asked him why is he going home? He said this to me, "I've been here now waiting for two weeks and I have not heard one word from them at all about my going on the road." Wow, I'm worried myself now! To be sure, I'm just hanging out myself, sleeping next to a Psycho whose treats are very troubling to me, threatening me with physical aggression about touching his remote control, and just spending all my money away on food.

Really, I just hope my trip here is not just a number for C.R.England to get money from the government - as I keep hearing from other students.Man, I'm really worried now.


Here's my experience with CR England which the "England" must stands for Every New Graduate Leaves After Ninety Days!

I have been pestered by emails to look into CR England. So I called. It took over 10 minutes on hold to be spoken to a person who didn't answer any questions and just wanted me to apply. I told her my experience level of 10 years with about 17 months OTR and was asking for a ballpark figure on base cpm. She wouldn't tell me anything about trucks, pay or benefits! She said I had to apply before they can tell me anything of this nature.

I'm sorry, but in this day and age of identity theft, I'm not about to give out all my personal information, especially my social security number to a business who can't even tell me what the lowest pay grade would receive.

My opinion is all trucking companies that buy new equipment each and every year treat drivers this way.

CR England is by far is the worst because they're willing to take he inexperienced and those with experience and treat them like they need to teach you about what a truck and trucking is.

Stay away from them or you'll be thinking of me on your "at own expense" Greyhound bus ride home!

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