I Came to CR England in April of 2010 after 12 years in EMS (Ambulance Paramedic), after getting burnt out on health care. I came there with little more than the clothes on my back.

My car had been repossessed, lost my house, and owed 40K in student loans. I attended the school in Salt Lake City, Utah from April 18 2010 to May2, 2010 and went out on the road for their 30 day phase 1 training. I had a great trainer, he was a lease/owner operator with two trucks, one he drove and the other by a private hire. He taught me a lot about the industry, and upon completing phase 2 I leased a 2009 century tractor.

I then became a p2 trainer and hired my first trainee as a second seat company driver. CR handled the payroll and only charges the lessee 12 CPTM (cents per truck mile) So i ran team doing 5-6K miles a week. While leasing I usually took home about 1200 per week and my second seat usually made 6-7 hundred. In November 2011 I completed the lease and did the lease purchase on my truck.

I am now a phase 1 trainer and bring home about 10K a month (yes I said ten thousand dollars!) I will own my truck outright by summer 2012, then my pay goes up another 3K a month. Of course I have plenty of complaints about little things at CR, but all in all this company has lived up to everything as agreed. I just capped my maintenance account at 10K and that means an extra 4-6 hundred bucks a week in my pocket.

So, for all the gripes you hear about this company and all the losers in the halls at the terminals complaining about being broke; there are just as many if not more successful IC's (independent Contractors) out on the road making it. Thanks for your time CRETRUCKERJ

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CRE changed not as you knew... They are in so much hot water last suite 11yrs lost fines an such alone 1.2 B ...

Then they tell the judge to *** off ... Really... They won't pay it nor the money to pay it..... Right....

CRE has if an company employee s 98% turn over... Wonder why


England is what you make of it. I came to england after 2 years of straight trucking.

I had to fight but nothing more than what would be expected at any other job. England has programs to succeed and those who don't take advantage are the ones griping--OR are the ones who thought being a truck driver meant getting in, starting it up and going. U am a lease operator and plan on owning the truck in a year. England has given me many opportunities that other trucking companies only offer with millions of miles experience..

Thank you CR. Everyone B safe and stay shiny side up!


It is what you make of it. On average I drive 500 miles a day.

Then when I deliver in most cases I will have a load waiting for me to pick up. I am solo with England so I average anywhere between 2500 to 3300 miles per week. I do not hang out at truck stops except when I am down and thats just so I have internet to watch movies on netflix. I am a black sheep and outcast I guess and do not mingle with other drivers that often because thats all I here is fussing and griping.

I have come to realize many years ago that it is just part of the business. Not saying I am happy at England but it does pay the bills. I just don't get to go home at all. Personally I would rather do a reset sitting at home versus burning my fuel at a truck stop.

Every time I get close to needing a reset and ask for home time I get sent West so I am 1000 plus miles from my home. I did that to myself by being a good driver and never being late. I guess my DM is scared to send me home.

Problem is. It makes people leave when they are not happy lol.


In responce to CREtruck as you are a relatively new driver in the trucking industry let me say this those "losers" you speak of could easily reflect to myself and my 25 yrs as a profesional driver. 2 of my friends have driven for this company and towards the end of both of their leases they lost just enough miles so that they could not finish their lease agreement.

Since your 2 year experience with cr is so extensive you will probably be okay, however if all you see are losers in the halls then maybe you are one of the lucky few! GOOD LUCK IN YOUR CAREER!


back in 1997 I went to their school and was put with a trainer and drove 3 days to end up in a gas station parking lot with no money and the trainer is going home for 3 days, ni shower no food no drink i called cr to get an advance on my pay so i could eat and they refused me i told them since they have abandoned me i would be happier not working for them and they sent me my money for a bus ticket, total cost to me for three days driving, over $800.00, Then they said on my dac report i had an accident??????

while sitting in a parking lot with no keys?

cr can kiss my a@#. I've driven over 3 million miles without a single accident and this company lied and said i had one with them.

So all of you who say it is so good for you congratulations but don't reflect negativly to those who reflect negativly against cr, after all you don;t know me, and you surely don't know my circumstances with cr, or the promises made to me. they are liars, connivers, and cheats...PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!


In response to Lorraine, i am sorry that you guys had a bad experience, but i question the validity of your complaint due to a lack of details. What did the company lie about?

How long did y'all work there?

400 miles a week is unrealistic, how many miles did y'all really run? Sounds like a lack of communication with the DM (driver manager).


I am supposed to start school in Utah April 9th 2012. I have never drove druck before and I am also female.

Reading this stuff has made me worry. Is there any good thing about this company???

I sure also dont want to be put where i cant shower or chage my clothes *** like that. Please email me so I can figure out if doing the right thing or not.


The transportation industry is a cut-throat business. Everyone is going to say "stay away", because the less drivers, the more money available.

Of course the drivers are going to say "Don't sign on".

I know several CR England drivers. They say, if you can just "*** the Bullet" for the first year, it's great. BUT, if you have family and you miss them, this is not the business for you.

This is a single person's career/lifestyle. To make it in trucking, you have to take all the loads you can get.


been employed with CR England since January 2012, have brand new truck in shop for 10 days now not making any money not turning any miles. Haven't been home since December and it is March.

However I am confident when our truck(2012 Cascadia) is released we will be well on our way to earning a suitable wage. And home time will follow there shortly after. Honestly England is corporate America and it is what u make of it.

But one must clearly factor in the other 50% of the equation, that is out of ones hands. Have a lovely day and BESAFE out there.


:) that,s what i like to hear truckers doing good ........i my self have 3 trucks and im working on my 4th truck making good money.what u put in is what you get out of it .......


I agree CREtruckerJ, a company is "What You Make Of It". A lot of drivers are broke because they manage money poorly or don't get miles because, even though in thier opinion they do good or great, somehow they do a poor job. Keep Up The Good Work CREtruckerJ


I'm glad u had a good experiance with this place. Because my & I also tried to work with this company & we were lied to from the start!

Once they saw my husbands driving record which is spotless & he's been OTR for 8 yrs the real big lies started! I can't list them all but let's just say the only thing that ended up being true was the name CR ENGLAND & we had to drive to Salt Lake City other then that nothing but lies!

And when they told him he'd be getting alot of miles,,,,400 per week in a truck that was filthy nothing worked & he was left 600 miles from home in the heat of the summer expected to sleep during the day in a truck without air condtioning so he could do his whole 400 miles a week,,,for those don't know a good truck driver can do more than 400 miles a day! So maybe some of those guys in the terminals complaining about being broke really are broke!

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