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I worked for England for 6 months 3 of them in there Lease program the first complaint I had is that the truck I had kept breaking down I had a 09 Cascadia that after there warranty was up the truck was in the shop so if the wheels aren't turning you ain't earning and that put me in the negative so England was taking food from my children's mouths also once you lease your truck they force you into becoming a trainer now the sick thing about all this is you are allowed to lease a truck after you are done with your training that can last as little as 6 weeks mind you most of the drivers that they hire have no experience and they are allowing these student's to each other stydenrs in this time frame so after your six weeks of being on the road with a trainer yourself you become a phase two trainer and your job is to teach your student how to manage financially run there business so just think someone with no rel experience is training someone else with no real experience so you can just imagine how many accidents that England as a company gets into.Know back to the lease My truck was just about 600 a week and 180 for insurance plus the cost of fuel which mind you to get the 1.25 a gallon fuel cap you have to maintain 5.8 miles paid miles a gallon so i hope your good with number if your planning on leasing a truck with England.

Know lets talk miles I will say one thing you need to fight for every run you get and if you don't train the give you a 2000 mile run and give you 6 days to do it so guess what I hope you like sitting because most of the time depending on where they send you you will be waiting for another load and damm if your a family man or women you better say goodbye to your family until the lease is up I don't know where you live but I live in the North Eat and every time I went home (which was about every 4 to 6 weeks) they always told me they had no loads to get me out know I am working for another company I see the pretty much on a daily basis and I dont mean I only see one truck. I made two great friend out of all this and out of the three of us two have turned our trucks in and the third one is looking for a new job because once you get on to the negative it is very hard pretty much impossible to pull another paycheck so if you want to live off your 100 dollar advance every week (just to survive without sending any money home to your family)then I guess your a better person than I am.

I have pretty much lost everything I had to try to make my business work.I dony deny if you have the will to really make your business work you can do it just just remember ther trucks only go 60mph and I was told they want to turn them down to 55 mph I felt like a sitting duck out here going 63 mph almost getting hit more then once cause most of the roads you will drive on are 70+ MPH roads so you can imagine when a stat is 600 miles plus just think how long it will tke you to get across the united states

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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It's a Worst Company at Cre.You should Not Lease or To be a Truck .

That was a *** Thing that you did ???!!! You need to earn more money Before to a Owner!!! But you are so New to the Industry of a Trucking Driver and you 'r Leasing already??? you need a lot more money to have that Truck get Fixed then you can get out of situation are in now !!!

Try to do this as fast as U can and get back on the road....Paid all that Debt that you Owed. Good Luck , But Get out of Cre. A.S.A.P Because that wasn't good Comp.

to work for...The Worst U haven't Noticed...!!!


Hey Driver from san juan capistrano, California, US lighten have you ever been to a magic show then walk out wondering how is the world did they do that?that is what goes on with C.R.

ENGLAND, CENTRAL REFRIGERATED, SWIFT Schneider. there are many trucking companies that put more care and pride into the lug nuts on their truck than they do the person driving their truck. To most dispatchers, drivers are expendable. What we need to do is help new drivers NOT get taken advantage of and to help the industry to start compensating drivers for the time they are out representing there company.

Companies that make promises then do not fulfill them are lairs deceitful to the core!this practice needs to stop Immediately.


:cry Out of all the years as a company driver I can't understand how any one could lease a truck u are paying england to drive there truck if they brainwash u to do it u lease drivers deserve what u get it's comman sence dont throw money away that's what u are doing go by a truck or be a company driver don't be dum use your head the money that Cre is taking from u is hard earned money that u should pocket not them thing about it. :cry :cry


Hmm...As a former owner operator for 15 years, there is no such thing as a good lease-purchase program.

It is a scam, plain and simple. The driver assumes all of the risk, cost, and responsibility of independent ownership while doing all of the work while the company keep all of the money.

Lease-operators are simply working for free.It's amazing that it is tolerated.

#439652 are a *** jerkoff..bottom line.


dang i just signed up to go to school in dallas tx for cre and i decided to look up some more info, after all the things i have read on many sites it seems cre is real ***! they made it sound so great i was about to drop this semester of school and leave my husband home to try and make some money but i guess it wont be with them!


Yes England is a total scam all the englands

Should go to prison they steal wages like

Bernie madoff stole investments they are

Such hypocrites and frauds .


if you don't have any business sense, why in the *** did you try to become an oo.Gee are you an ***.

I have found that people who keep their mouths shut, do the job, on time all the time, save their money, put away what you need to operate on and do not live off of advances, there is no way that a good living can not be made.If you don't like the fact that a long haul driver is away from home a lot then you are in the wrong job

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