Walnut Creek, Ohio

Cr England does not listen to the students who are learning to drive with trainers. Kevin Olson is a dangerous trainee with no respect towards security guards, other drivers while driving or his trainees

While training. Kevin has the potential to cause an accident on the road. He has been known to falsify his records and those of students if you have a loved one traveling the appalachian Mt's, Ohio ,Tennessee virginia and Arizona keep them in your prayers. Kevin has been reported to the company however, CR England inc. does not care nor listen. Cr England is out for money and cheap labor. The trainee works for less than minimum wage 65 a day for ten to 11 hour days.

CR England training coordinators do not listen to their trainees. If the trainees are I danger TC,s do not listen. Cr England allows trainers to take drugs while driving, and allows the trainers to drive with conditions such as diabetes.

CR England will allow a trainer to dive with over 22 trainees a year.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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