I drove for 4 months but i had a poor communication with my DM.I had to come back home CA,Colton for safety class.And the next thing i knew that i was terminated.Guess what after not even 15 mins. later the lady from money collection Eagle Atlantic called me and told me that they owe $4900 and can't work for next 5 more months to another Trucking Company.But however if i pay $7500 and buy the BUYOUT contract with C.R.England i can be able to work.

But the thing is i don't have my CDL hardcopy yet in my hand.So i can't apply for another Trucking Co.

They destroyed my life.

I'm writing this because i don't want anybody to suffer more and go through like i'm right now.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of cr england truck driving. Cr England needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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As an experienced driver, 20+ years, I think I'm qualified to offer, my opinion about trucking companies.Reading some of these reviews, I noticed, some complaints, are being made by "rookies " or inexperienced "steering wheel holders", no offense.

Yes there are "bad" companies, as well as "good" ones (I've driven for both) , the thing is, it's really what you make of it. It will be hard at first and you will feel mistreated or abused, but you need to remember, you're "learning" the ropes. Just like the military, they're going to try to *** out, the ones that can't handle the stress and frustration that goes with this job. Try to hang on for at least six months to a year, gain the experience and confidence to drive in any situation, you might encounter, (city, mountain, snow, ice, rush hour, backing in tight places, etc) then if you want to leave, go.

At least, you'll meet the minimum requirements for most big companies. Then after a few years, you'll be able to run the way you want, where you want, and go home when you want. You've earned it as a "veteran " driver. Above all, always give a company a chance.

Sometimes the road is a little rough at first (pun intended) but it will smooth out.

Believe in yourself , dont let anyone else "drive" your truck.Good luck, and keep the shiny side up ;-)


I was told by the recruiter I would only be gone 2 weeks for school.I haven't been home in 3 months.

My wife is leaving me and I'm gonna not get fair custody of my child while I'm stuck out here on this contract.I just sit in the truck and think about how my life is ruined because I thought cr England was going to be a good company that's honest and take care of people

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1285097

After finding all the free internet info on this company

(CR England ) , you find out of all the scams and ways they use to screw and extort their trucker employees . Get a Lawyer, the courts surely must be getting tired of dealing with this BS company.

San Mateo, California, United States #1138641

another sham trucking company.you are NOT alone.

tip> go to school, learn a trade, have a life.forget trucks.


Thank you.


So just why did they fire you?You make an extremely vague statement which could effect other lives as well.

I don't believe for a minute that out of the blue a company that's been around for 90 years did what you say.

My guess is you're leaving out the part that involves you and your way of doing things.If you're a generation X'er then, at this time, I don't believe anything you say, I'd even go as far as to say your whole story is a fabrication even the part where you claim to have even driving a truck bigger the an F150.

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