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In 2010 I decided to join my now ex-fiance and get licensed through cr england. BIG MISTAKE!!!

He had always complained about not making money because he was a solo driver and he convinced me to drive with him. The school itself is ok. They didnt treat me bad or any different because im a female, but once we started driving I couldnt believe the way turns out. We never had money, always in the negative, one time we managed to make 800.00 in the 6 months that we worked there and after that they conviently mananged to lose our paperwork that we faxed in so we could get paid.

they "did receive" it so we went back in the negative. They keep you there. we made no money for ourselves. Its a horrible place to work.

This company is a scam. They sell the leasing options to you, but they dont tell you all the *** fees that come along with the payment and insurance for the truck. OH and dont get me started on the trucks. We had been complaining for a while that the truck they leased us was a piece of *** and had so many things wrong with it.

when we would take it to Salt Lake or burns harbor they could never find anything wrong with it, but the minute we quite they billed my ex 7,000 for maintenance.


Monetary Loss: $4000.

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