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I've been reading these posts and I agree with them I went through the school the motel was *** you had to pay for all you meals and when I did make it through the school they put me out with my trainer and he was NOT a good trainer he did not let me drive he had me down for 2300 miles in a week he drove most of them he drove for his time and logged him out and put me on the log and drove for my time that was a bunch of s%%t and there big on safety and when i called in on him idk if they did anything about that and i finally made it back to burns harbor due to truck problems and got back to the h%LL hole i left that company I dont want other people to make the same choice I did.

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CR England certainly sounds like a very poor choice of schools. The reviews on this company say all I need to know.

It definitely opened my eyes. The % of bad reviews far outweigh any good 1's which advises me to look for another way to upgrade license.

If anyone knows a good school for Class A please let us know. Thanks!


I am on the bus home from cr england as we speak. Save your time and money DO NOT GO.

This class is all about CR England getting federal tax breaks. They will *** you out no matter how good you are. They have 1200more new people in school every week. They only have 5200 trucks on the road.

Do the math only five people across the country make it thru class, phass 1, and phase 2. Then comes the refresher course for 500 dollars. You will be treated horrible.

Save your money goto a regular truck driving school and they will help you with job placement. They can even get ypur school paid for.


dude this company is full of ***. i had experience before i came here.

still did the refresher coarse. phase one was sweet. had an excellent trainer, then i decided to lease wtf was i thinking? the most i brought home was $430 no lie.

my first check was $7.97...smfh. my truck is a 2011 international

its worthless. its been in the shop 3 time. im now in the hole have been since the beginning of october.

i was on the western regional averaged 1700 per wk jumped off and now doing containers and nothing has change.

it might work for you mikey but im a *** good driver never late or turned down any loads but i still get hit with no lube and it hurts. trust just waiting on a phone call......englandisapeaceofshit


This job is for men stay home


I live in Alabama, and they are sending me to Utah. 44 hour greyhound trip.

I used to work for the U.S. Army, so working hard isnt an issue. My biggest fear is my friends smoke pot, but I've not touched it in a few years.

I'm worried just being around it, it will show up in my hair. I really need this, I've lost alot lately.


Hey mikey they do the hair test and a drug test which school are you going to? good luck i hope you have better luck than i did they forgot the lube when they shafted me and make sure you take plenty of money to get you by for atleast a few weeks


all i can see is don,t trust everything you read i work for cr england ive worked there for five years now and its been great as long as your a good worker things will go great there is a lot of people that dont like to work .and those are the ones that get weeded out what school are u going to mikey ........

see ya around...... :zzz


I ship out to crengland in two weeks. Did they really hair folic test you?

I've heard so much negative bout them. But I known few people that made it and said it was easy and fun and they're makin money.

Can I get some advice, tips?

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