if you love yourself dont come here. i regret coming here and leasing a truck.

this company doesnt care about you not one bit. training they pretty much lie to you. they try to make you lease or team or train just to make crumbs. as soon as i finished with phase one i leased a truck and became a phase 2 trainer just by walking by the class.

i walked in and said can i join the class? the guy said the systems are down so just give me your info and you are now a phase 2 trainer. now i know what doing but what about inexperience driver how can they teach anybody. you are setup for failure from day.

now my career his is almost over. i hate this company with a passion. my dm is full of it. i never get loads either it from mira loma to the bay then sit for a day or get reload and sit on it for a day.

put it like this im always sitting. sh*i im sitting in barstow right now waiting to get my flat fixed been waiting for 5 hours funny thing is roadside told me to come to the ta and i get here then they told the ta ppl that they are sending somebody out to me....wtf the only good thing about this company is when i phased 1. my trainer gave me money paid for my food we even had drinks at the casinos but now im so stressed im ready to just abandon my truck and this load. but i will make sure i snatch a couple of steaks out the back before i leave...lol but no on some real sh*t its just been a waist of time for me being here.

i havent received a check for 6 wks and counting. somebody told me maybe im not doing something right i said yeah not beating my dm 's ***.

im never freaking late and i never turnt down a load. so you tell me what am i to do.

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why do you idiots jump in a lease with no idea what you're doing? for everyone who fails with this company, its their own fault


92 C.R. England's drivers won over 7 millions $$$.

Just typing on C.R.

England court case. May be helpfull for you...good luck.


All of this is BS......


All I can say is run as fast as you can away from this company. You will not make money like you thought you would.

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