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On 8/15/2018 I pulled into Love's Station in North Las Vegas for fuel, there was a England truck in the second bay with his 4 Ways flashing. I thought he was getting fuel, so i pulled behind him only to wait for 15 minutes with no one getting out of the truck.

The next bay to him opened up so i pulled over to it and to my surprise both drivers were sitting in the front seats having a sandwich and Bullshiting. As a driver this is so frustrating and inconsiderate to all others waiting to fuel.

they were in TRUCK 54548 TRAILER 26930.

they were there from 8:oo till 8:30 am never fueled just bought subway and sat in there truck in the fuel Isle B S ing and eating.

Wouldn't give you 10 cents for any company who has drivers so inconsiderate. THANKS ALOT ENGLAND GOOD JOB HIRING THESE TWO!!!!!

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