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signed up for the CR England truck driving school in Richmond Indiana .Was told if I started before a certain date my $3,000.00 fee for the schooling would be cancelled and I would not have to pay .Only had to pay $50.00 for the administration fee ,and $47.00 for the permit fee and $35.00 for the DOT physical.But as soon as you go over to do the DOT physical weather you pass or fail they take your money.The day I did my physical they were sending people home because they had glasses ,they are obviously making money scamming anyone they possibly can they run at least 50 to 0ver 75 people everyday of the week through this process I guess they have a quota they have to make a day or week or month,It seemed like the only people that made it past the first 3 days were homeless or female .I think if everyone who has been screwed over by CR England would complain to the Better Business borough .They just might finally investigate this scam of a company.The best advice I can give anyone is stay as far away from this company as you can.If you don't believe me and the hundreds of other people than you get what you deserve .

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Yuba City, California, United States #1278924

What kind of drug test does CR England do?? Hair follicle or urinalysis?

Los Angeles, California, United States #1232499

My colleagues were searching for TX CR-2 earlier this week and encountered an online platform that hosts an online forms database . If people are wanting TX CR-2 too , here's


Diamond Bar, California, United States #1138976

I've been with the company for 3 years now.Good people here.

Love my DM. The mojarity of people who had been released, had problems with background checks, drug tests, vision, & other info they didn't disclose in the hiring process. Folks, you need to be honest with these people. I enjoy my time here.

I'm currently on a dedicated account- not Walmart, but somewhere in the company where I'm a person and not a number. I worked hard to get here. You can too.

Wanna try and hide your shady past, then CRE isn't for you.Good luck.

to Anonymous #1382092

cr England is a joke 2 of your 3 day orientation they try to convince you into buying one of their trucks to qualify as an England its less than a 2 mile trip on freeway then pull up to a curb back up 10 feet you qualify im around England drivers all day and night they cant drive the squirrels in my yard are more coordinated than an England driver just take a look at trailers at hunter park cr drivers hit trailers and deny it drive on wrong side of lot cut in front of other drivers one of them even ripped the front of my truck off by turning apparently they cant read signs especially signs saying do not enter and wrong way I apologize some of them might be able to read but are confused when standing in front of door with sign saying shipping and receiving driver check in and they have to ask is this where I check in after they get that part done give them up to an hour to back up to a door


This *** needs to learn how to spell and express himself in writing.


Do they really take a hair follicle test?


I'm not saying they are a scam, because they do help you get your cdl, but the trainers are very racist and just not happy people. I know both of the trainers I had didn't like me sleeping, and could care less if I had food or drink with me and didn't care if my family knew where I was. The one yelled at me for taking my prescriptions.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1290478

Thnk god they fire your a ss.


They told me if u stay with company for 9 mos u don't have to pay anything and I've been reading on commits that people are saying about the pre dem that's not true that's why they say bring ur own money


You have no idea of what you are talking about. You sound like a complete ***

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