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signed up for the CR England truck driving school in Richmond Indiana .Was told if I started before a certain date my $3,000.00 fee for the schooling would be cancelled and I would not have to pay .Only had to pay $50.00 for the administration fee ,and $47.00 for the permit fee and $35.00 for the DOT physical.But as soon as you go over to do the DOT physical weather you pass or fail they take your money.The day I did my physical they were sending people home because they had glasses ,they are obviously making money scamming anyone they possibly can they run at least 50 to 0ver 75 people everyday of the week through this process I guess they have a quota they have to make a day or week or month,It seemed like the only people that made it past the first 3 days were homeless or female .I think if everyone who has been screwed over by CR England would complain to the Better Business borough .They just might finally investigate this scam of a company.The best advice I can give anyone is stay as far away from this company as you can.If you don't believe me and the hundreds of other people than you get what you deserve .

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Let me make this real simple: Stay away from "truck driving schools".

These places are akin to fool's gold. THE BEST truck driver training for

someone new to tractor-trailers will be at several of the nation's community colleges.

The courses/training average twice as long and a fraction of the cost of those BS truck driving schools. The lay public has never been made properly aware of this glaring fact.

Go to the web, google the community colleges.

Kenneth J. Jordan

"The Lithonia Road Runner"

42 states, District of Columbia, Quebec, Ontario: 1.4 million miles

to bbarook5172 #1572973

One thing I will say about the CR school I went to was that they did train well, no nonsense in the training and the passing of the course you had to pass to get your license. They gave you all the necessary requirements and training.

The driving training again, no nonsense, backing up, driving straight forward and backward had to be right on, and the parking and starting out, the pre trip inspections, all of this was good training. The on the road training with my trainer was who i had a problem with and the main reason I got off the truck.

The on the road away from home was hard, but I went home before I got on the road, so I would be Ok until I got back, but the impatience, yelling, was too much. I had no experience of truck life, barely learning how to shift, problems with shifting was basically what I needed help on.


Being a driver, trainer, and former DM with CR England. I find that most of the negative comments come from people that were not cut out to be commercial drivers.

If you are going to write a negative comment about CRE, please learn to spell. This company goes out of their way to help students and drivers. The drivers that got fired and students that got dropped brought it upon themselves. I find most all of the negative complaints to be bogus, false allegations.

Grow up!

You should have stayed in school and learned a thing or two. Maybe the highways are safer without people like you on them.

to T1aAZzCREngland #1477631

You are not being entirely truthful in your statements, I worked for C.R. England as a Driver, I figured out the actual reason ALL the recruiters are never working longer than three months to recruit new drivers for C.R.

England as well as why everyone in the industry has nothing but bad words and terrible recommendations for C.R England, the Drive Managers, and the idiots that I was paired to drive in a team with by my often lying DM! The rest of the industry hates C.R.England drivers. The Drivers do not get paid what they are promised and are never allowed to refuse a load. Each and every time I had to go on a trip the trip planners refused to make correct trip estimates, and did not actually look up in a online free map site what the actual correct address is for the company I was supposed to deliver to!

Every time I went to even C.R. England's' own delivery yards my trip planners in using the in truck GPS would A L W A Y S send me to the wrong address. Every time i had to use google-maps on my cell phone, and hope the road was legal to drive on, and there were no surprise low bridges, that were too low for a 14 foot tall truck.Every time I was forced to backtrack several hundred miles because the trip planners did not actually check if the trailer cleaner facility I was supposed to go to was actually still at the address they sent me too, once again Google-maps on my phone! I was promised to have my ticket that I got because my co-driver refused to stop at three red light weight stations in California and reset the load to specifications, since there was no police on duty in California at that hour, when it came my time to drive he did not say a word about it, knowing I would get a ticket in the Arizona weight station.

C.R. England's lawyers promised me they would take care of the ticket since I had proof from a weight CAT ticket I had my load was correctly balanced. Arizona uses a trick method to 'catch' drivers with. you must apply the brake to weigh on a CAT scale otherwise the truck will roll off since in many states there is a slight incline on direction forwards or backwards.

Yes the scales are always correct, but you can't get a weigh without either applying the brake or using the automatic brakes! Arizona's trick is to force the driver to weigh without the brakes on, knowing about welding as well as how steel tends to bend I knew how Arizona was tricking Drivers in being caught! I am a combination welder-fitter and a journeyman machinist and a 50,000 ton die setter and a millwright, and a steel plant worker making both cold rolled and hot rolled steel. So short of being a mechanical engineer as well I know what I'm talking about from having hands on experience.

All the weight upon having the brakes off goes directly to the fifth wheel instead of on the drive and trailer axles! C.R. England did not take care of the ticket like they promised and I get to pay 12,000 dollars to the state of Arizona because they never did anything about it, they said "keep driving we will take care of it since you had a CAT weigh right after you got the load" They lied, my DM lied, C.R. England management lied.

I did not find out they lied until after I left the company.I was promised .28 cents a mile to drive my loads, i got .02 a mile for all my loads, every time I got my check it was extremely low, and every time my DM would tell me some far fetched story about how he was looking into my case. I got .02 cents a mile driving solo across the county, I got .04 cents driving in a team, except this is cut in half since there are two drivers in the truck. You sir, I afraid are a liar, my instructor left the company as soon as I graduated to drive on my own. None of the time I drove was prorated to the actual time I drove for C.R.

England to pay my school. I declared bankruptcy to close my episode with the kiars that work the desk at C. R. England not one of the drive managers actually knows how to even drive a truck, they can never answer questions on how the trailer can be adjusted when it is covered in rust and has sat in a yard for several years, they never drove so how would they ever know the answer?!

Or they don't know the answer to this question how many pounds are adjusted per notch when moving the fifth wheel or the trailer axle?! they don't know so they guess, since they have never driven a truck ever! Again they don't know the answer, so they lie. In the time I drove for C.

R England I got not one moving violation and after contacting my old instructor learned the answers to all my questions the DM's would never know or get back to me on or lied about. I drive a 40 year old diesel Mercedes station wagon so I am used to not getting tickets anyway, Why? Because I know how to drive! My instructor said a 12 year old girl can drive a automatic truck, but does not understand that when you have to stop it takes two and a half football fields to stop a 60 ton truck and trailer under load, no DM knows that that is why they cannot answer on why you were directed to drive a route that would force you to have to drive at 20MPH or have a rollover because your truck cannot negotiate the grade, the wind sheer the weather conditions or bad drivers.

All the DM cares about is his bonus that you will never get because you are paid per mile, and you will never be able to sleep while the idiot co-driver they paired you with that violates laws and drives well past the speed limit to 'get there on time!' You law breaking co-driver is able to do this because the telemetry in your truck does not work and the mechanics fail at being able to fix any electronic problem, plus because C.R. England has special trucks the people that built the truck has no schematics either so it can't get fixed! So this so-called DM is a lying *** piece of work shill for C. R.

England compounding the bad image the entire industry in reality has for C.R. England, that unfortunately I did not believe when I was first learning to drive from ex-employees of the company. Go ahead try and prove me wrong, you can't because I know exactly how much profit is made on every load myself that C.R. England makes, where you don't.

Otherwise how could 5,000 drivers make enough money for the multiple hundreds of thousands of employees and owners of C.R. England unless they cheated the one person that made it possible for them to make a dollar in the first place, the driver! C.R.

England is a four billion dollar company looking to get bought by somebody else. They only are able to get there by forcing drivers to violate DOT driving regulations!

to marcus raidien #1572941

This is very interesting. Thank you for this very important information.

I will take this and not go back.

Working for you would probably be the best thing for me to do, lol. Thanks again.

Yuba City, California, United States #1278924

What kind of drug test does CR England do?? Hair follicle or urinalysis?

to Anonymous #1477633

urine. easily defeated by drinking two qts of evian water at a 7-11.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1232499

My colleagues were searching for TX CR-2 earlier this week and encountered an online platform that hosts an online forms database . If people are wanting TX CR-2 too , here's


Diamond Bar, California, United States #1138976

I've been with the company for 3 years now. Good people here.

Love my DM. The mojarity of people who had been released, had problems with background checks, drug tests, vision, & other info they didn't disclose in the hiring process. Folks, you need to be honest with these people. I enjoy my time here.

I'm currently on a dedicated account- not Walmart, but somewhere in the company where I'm a person and not a number. I worked hard to get here. You can too.

Wanna try and hide your shady past, then CRE isn't for you. Good luck.

to Anonymous #1382092

cr England is a joke 2 of your 3 day orientation they try to convince you into buying one of their trucks to qualify as an England its less than a 2 mile trip on freeway then pull up to a curb back up 10 feet you qualify im around England drivers all day and night they cant drive the squirrels in my yard are more coordinated than an England driver just take a look at trailers at hunter park cr drivers hit trailers and deny it drive on wrong side of lot cut in front of other drivers one of them even ripped the front of my truck off by turning apparently they cant read signs especially signs saying do not enter and wrong way I apologize some of them might be able to read but are confused when standing in front of door with sign saying shipping and receiving driver check in and they have to ask is this where I check in after they get that part done give them up to an hour to back up to a door

to bob #1477646

Yep, exactly I quit because they kept pairing me with idiot co-drivers. However I have to say all other truck drivers would try to sideswipe me , (probably was you) on the road or detach my trailer from the fifth wheel at trucks stops because why, oh people hate the refrigerator running next to them.

or try to run my truck completely off the road or crush my driver's side mirror on their truck because they were mad at some other driver. I was told to not get out and beat the dog snot out of a member of another trucking company because he blamed me for driving into is front end when he pulled forwards without bothering to look that a truck was right in his path, was that you too? Don't come on here without figuring that the people lied to to work for C.R. England are all bad drivers and you never did anything wrong.

I am the 6'4 guy you drove the front end of your jet black windows truck into right after you dropped off the *** delivery out of your truck to the guy that was wearing shiny wingtips with a farmer john coveralls on in unmarked boxes, right after a girl in a mini van showed up to take the boxes in her vehicle so that he couldn't get caught, you thought i did not see all that didn't you! So when the cops showed up you did not even get out out of your truck and you did all that because you knew C.R.

England insurance pays without question! I don't think Bob is your real name, no *** dealer in Nebraska would give out their real name!


This *** needs to learn how to spell and express himself in writing.


Do they really take a hair follicle test?

to Deb #1477650

no, hair folic tests are only good for the previous six months anyway. I had to pass all my tests as a California Taxi driver, the 350 dollar test is still in my mind when I made not more than 1.77 an hour. I asked the doctor about that test so now you know too.


I'm not saying they are a scam, because they do help you get your cdl, but the trainers are very racist and just not happy people. I know both of the trainers I had didn't like me sleeping, and could care less if I had food or drink with me and didn't care if my family knew where I was. The one yelled at me for taking my prescriptions.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1290478

Thnk god they fire your a ss.


They told me if u stay with company for 9 mos u don't have to pay anything and I've been reading on commits that people are saying about the pre dem that's not true that's why they say bring ur own money

to Anonymous #1477656

You get to pay a special fee for being "hired away to another company" if you don't work an extra week past the nine months. it is 2,500 dollars.

this is not revealed unless you try to leave at exactly nine months.Veterans only have to work six months and a week, i was able to help my co-driver avoid that one since he did not know they were going to hit him with it, if he left at exactly six months! The only people happy with the company are the ones getting minimum wage according to which state they hired on in. otherwise you don't get preferential treatment unless you are a minority or have a disability.

All dedicated routes are given to (only) to five year employees of the company, you have to work at .02 cents a mile for five years before you can make the 54,000 a year you were promised at the school! The reason for this is simple there are far more garbage runs than good ones, so only the five year crew gets those.


You have no idea of what you are talking about. You sound like a complete ***


CRE, like any other employer (driving or not driving) is just an employer. They are training you in ***, schooling isn't for everybody, and yeah the pay sucks while you are getting experience.

But it is a step in the right direction if you're looking for a driving lifestyle. No job is all rainbows..everyone starts at the bottom when making a job change..so all you can do is grin and bear it. There is much truth in the other comments, but remember this..

DRIVING IS A LIFESTYLE..NOT JUST A JOB! Be ready for all the bs involved.

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