My name is Gary Peterson from Galesburg, Illinois.I went to the school in Burns Harbor,Indiana.

My instructor Josh was the best first off. My backing instructor Lee was awesome. I was in the top percent of the class for all my school work and passed all my test at the bmd the first time. I then got to the driving part and everything went bad.I can back all three manuvers in one try and under 10 minutes.

I can drive better than three quarters of the people there. I was having a problem downshifting. I had to figure it out from other students because my instructor couldn't tell me what I was doing wrong. I know that the school says to double clutch while shifting,but I never drove a semi before.

I was shifting like a car on the way up and it was real smooth. My instructor never told me that I wasn't to shift up like that.So the whole week Of driving,I shifted like that and he said I was doing good. I finally figured out how to downshift on my own and even had the others doing it that day.He sent me for my CDL driving test that day. I thought I was very well prepared.

I passed pre trip, and the four point. I then put all backing maneuvers in in one try. I got to the driving part and didn't go one block and was wrote up for not double clutching up. I then got wrote up for doing 47 in a 50 mph zone for impeding traffic.

My instructor made us do that speed on the route and said stay under 50 mph. I then went to change lanes like he said, and had a lot of cars coming up my side so couldn't get over. One lady hung on the corner of my trailer and wouldn't move so I turned off my signal. I was wrote up for that also,because he said I should have gotten over and made that driver confused.

I was not feeling safe about changing lanes, because didn't want to hit the car if was closer than I thought. I then was going on to the interstate and was speeding up for the merge and he wrote me up for shifting on a corner. I was passed the corner and shifting again where my instructor said it was fine to do so. I was also wrote up for slowing down to early for the exit ramp.

Again, I was slowing down where I was instructed to do so. I then was wrote up for changing lanes to get ready for a left hand turn like I was instructed. I also was wrote up for slowing to 35 to go over rough railroad track, like I was instructed. I failed the driving part because I followed all my instructors lessons.

I went to see management about what had happened and got a lot of attitude. I told them that I never got told that I was shifting up wrong. The instructor came in and called me a "*** Liar". I was very affended by being called a liar when I was just trying to get something they may have needed help fixing in the future corrected.

Instead they gave me attitude and yelled at me and cussed at me. I have never been so affended in my life and I was very, very mad.The instructor needs fired for calling a student a *** liar and the bosses should be disaplined. I asked for a bus ticket home because I no longer wanted to work for your company.I was one of the best drivers you had in there, but you didn't have the courtesy

to treat me like a human being. I see people you are putting in trucks that I wouldn,t let drive my lawnmower.

I guess that is why you have such high turnover,because you kick the good drivers to the curb and employ people who wreck your trucks within a month of being turned loose.It's your money so good luck with all those wrecks because you are doing such a good job selecting who you put in trucks. No wonder your name is Crash And Roll England on the internet. I would never ever recommend this school to anyone who wants to be a real professional driver.

The school is a joke, and be prepared to hear many lies from them.

You are very lucky you didn't keep pushing me because I have been studying *** Sool Won for thirteen years and I am a second degree black belt, and an instructor.I was very prepared to put a few of you in the hospital and go to jail because of the way I was treated.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Buffalo, New York, United States #749542

the co u are with is a joke a real bad joke get the *** out of their run as fast as u can find another co to show u the ins and outs of driving England is not the one ....not...at...all

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #748891

O.K. First we will touch quickly on your use of the English language..... If that was what you were trying to use. Perhaps your recruiter should have mentioned a minimum of 90 on your Intelligence Quota to work for any company, I.E. McDonald's. You are angry cause you were unable to learn to drive. This is an accelerated course and not for people of sub-standard intelligence. Thus why they have a high turn over rate. You must learn not only in class, but on your own. Now in order to work on your own you must be smart enough not only to know your weaknesses but to know where to go for the right information. OTHER STUDENTS are not the people to learn from.

Let me clear this up since you will say I work for the training Department or what have you. I am a phase 1 student, whom passed all my test 1st time including my CDL test from the BMV in Indiana. My instructors were Jim, Nicole, and Charles. All extremely knowledgeable and able to easily instruct me since I am average, or higher intelligence.

You should not have a Drivers license period if you cannot pass any test after 3 weeks of instruction.

Now I do agree with you on the part that some of these students shouldn't be driving a lawnmower let alone am 80,000lbs combination vehicle! But that is your most important lesson from school. To learn you will be driving around people with no intelligence or common sense so all your maneuvers must be well planned, thought out and executed with care and...

I am thankful you did not receive a CDL, since the roads are much safer without you driving.

Take care!

BTW, no Mahoo should ever drive a Big Rig!

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to Big Daddy #894719

At least he used paragraphs.You on the other hand don't understand how to write the English language.

No one should ever take an insult from the likes of you.

Go ahead and such this company right on off.When they come in your eye i'm sure you'll love it.

Grass Valley, California, United States #708423

In the school at Fontana Ca , they where give class A 's out like candy some of the guys there couldn't drive if their lives depend on it !!

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