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To anyone who has any idea for working for C R england, I hope you have a bunch of money because you are going to need it to survive. I started working for england as a team driver three months ago , and always got my loads there before time when the truck wasnt broke down.

My biggest check was around 600.00 for two people driving 24/7 . Ate my share of noodles and potted meat and vienna sausage when i had money for that. Sure the check starts out good but when they finish screwing it up and deducting you have nothing.I cant pay my rent , buy food, utilities , or not even going to have Christmas this year Thanks C R england for ruining my kids christmas. How does a company turn people loose with a hundred thousand dollar truck and pay them less than min.

wage to risk their lives over the road ? Something needs to be done about this company. You shouldnt have to starve on the road to not survive. I beg of you think long and hard about working for this company , its not worth it , trust me .

Run as fast as you can the other way .

I hope I helped someone by printing this ,but theres too much more that i cant list.

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i work for cr england was tire of not getting any miles saying to myself next week it well get better it does it cr england dont care i bobtail from dallas to dodge city ks i been calling them for 2 days sraight now they dont care do waste your time or life the only people that are makeing it is the people that dont have a life and dont care about anything *** i have *** i have n h2 hummmer a 6bedroom house 2 car garage a caddilac i will lose it all if i stay dont go to cr england you will regret it i did i stated in jan i have got paid the only check i got was 400 dollars that was it i can run 600 miles a day no problem but cr england wont run me *** call all tell you 323 253 3954


to blah blah: i would like to hear more about your experiences at cr england please. i am suppose to start there feb 02 and am kinda scared to from everything i have read.

i need to hear some positive reinforcement toward this company. no one, i mean no other company at all will hire me, .. except for cr england. i am not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing.

on one hand it makes me concerned wny they would if no one else would. on the other hand,maybe it was meant to be.

i just dont know. i would like to hear all you have to say about cr england please.


to tell you the truth i drive for cr england and never had a problem with them ive been with them for 4 years now if they where giving u a problem u should of went to an other company for find a different carrer cause we dont need people like u messing stuff up for other people


Jason Tillo is a giant piece of *** should be done away with , would make the world a better place to live with out animals like him


How can any mother have a child like you ? they should of put her out of her misery when you came out of her and then put you out of our misery, you piece of ***!!!!!!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48688

It was you that ruined your Children's Christmas because you are to *** and uneducated to get a decent job. Perhaps you can give your children up for adoption so they can have better lives. Don't be selfish and keep them because they are better off without you because you can't provide a good life for them.

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