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i was supposed to start training school for crengland january 31 2011. i was dead set on going and looking forward to it.i really appreiciate all you guys that have been through the ringer and are sharing your story.

im in the construction trade(concrete finisher) and was considereing starting over and attending this school in SALT LAKE CITY.i will stay where im at and feel i have dodged a bullet by reading these horror stories!! thanks everyone for opening my eyes to whats really going on here.hopefully others will read this before making financial suicide and going to work for these crooks.

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i was thinkin hard about doing this not anymore at least not with them thanks for the storys now i know what im not going through


what a bunch of idiots you people seem to be. Know what you are getting into before you do anything.

Cr isn't that bad of a company. You do not get to be that big by being bad and just because of the dummies who can not do the job that is required of them, doesn't make CR bad


Wish i had read the negatives and not the sunshine and roses they flew up my skirt. :eek


They screwed my son over, so don't feel bad, and as re-payment for their school, they are going to play *** of getting it, let em take him to court so he can file a counter claim on negative paychecks, they promised him a company truck and later rescinded on that and made him lease or lose his job. :(


Wish my husband had read through these complaints before he left this past Saturday for Indiana. Took them 6 hours to get a shuttle to the bus depot after spending 20 hours on a bus.

Said they handed him a contract last night that you'd have to be a lawyer to understand & he's refusing to sign it.

Now he's out there will less than $80 left & may have to find a way home. This company sucks, they lie & lie & lie again.

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