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In January of 2007 I like many hundreds of others got sucked into CR Englands Web of lies and fraud.

I needed a job! I spoke to their recruiters and was told many things, "Positive things" Great money, caring Company, and the skies the limit to go places with us.(CR England) I worked for them for 2 months at which time I began using my own money to survive. Out of a $3000.00 paycheck I cleared ($0) I was told fuel cost's.. but guess what? These *** made the same or better on the loads I ran. I just paid for them to make this money.

They have armed Guards because of what they have done to past Drivers. I read what one person said in defense of these snakes, and all I can say is every cult has loyal followers.. They give out a manual that in part tells new recruits to purchase 35 cent Ramen noodles to live on.. because they are inexpensive.. They let people go hungry at their school in Salt Lake City. I bought and gave some guys noodles and money, because they were broke.

Mean while they have a restuarant on the premises. people ... NO Americans looking for a job are told anything to get them out there in Utah, and then when they don't pass the test they hitch hike home after being escorted off the grounds.

Bob England is they Big Guy with Freightliner of Utah, Thats where they lease all there trucks from. "Keep the screwing in the family guys"

I could not afford to work for them.

They misrepresented themsleves to me. I just got my Non- Employee tax forms from them.. I took home about $1400.00 and guess what I made ? Almost $12.000.00 . My last trip with them was to be to California, but my paycheck the same day was for $45.00 .. I told them I could not take the trip!! I couldn't take more money out of my account and so I couldn't work for them anymore..

They stopped my $45.00 paycheck that I never got.

sent me a bill for $800.00 and because I was so pissed I told them to shove it.. and quickly had , get this!!!! $84.000.00 put on my credit report.

When I told the dispatcher I needed that money because I was stranded he replied: " Thats not my problem! Call some one and get some money wired..

So.o.o.o. Now they want $84.000.00 from me and I get what? No truck ! They are liars of the worst kind. and it's sickening how American Laws protect these Bastards just like the Sub-prime Fiasco.

This Company needs to be brought down.. they have had numerous laws suits against them, and the court sided against them.. but it takes Money for attorneys.. meanwhile the little guy with a couple of kids and trying to make ends meet take it up the *** from these lie spewing, greedy inconsiderate sons of ***..

No wonder they need armed gaurds. A working man with a family can take only so much.. then he snaps and the TV reporters bring on the doctors and talk about how the guy was a nut... NO PEOPLE..

His life was played with, his Manhood belittled by some pencil pushing arrogant little *** of a guy behind a desk who couldn't care less about another Human being..

Also : I recieved a certification to inspect Brakes and adjust them and never once crawled under a truck for them.. But I guess that's all DOT in Utah requires..

I won't be one that snaps.. I will fight and tell this story every chance I can. and hopefully Prime time or another National news outlet will do an investigation and attend the class, and see what really does happen to hundreds every year based on lies.

They just want to work and it's sad..

I also had one of their professional truck chasers tell me it made him sick to see how the company did people.. He said trucks were left all over the country by people who just couldn't do it anymore..

Maybe thats why the run their trucker puppy mill.. to keep the seat filled.

So the got their truck back from me, I retruned it!! and it will be leased by Brothjer Bob again, to make more money, but the $84.000.00 is still on my credit. I wonder how many others are paying for the same truck?

Well I know one thing , This taught me alot about their religious faith, and I think I'll take *** over these evil, twisted lying, greedy bastards who have gotten rich on the worn out backs of Americans trying to grab the American Dream , and getting destruction of their lives handed back.

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They harassed me from day 1. Was lacing my steering wheel and trailer with an acid, Never gave me a route, falsely accused me of abandoning truck...Crooks and Liars!!

Sevierville, Tennessee, United States #591138

I heard that you can't get out of having to pay that student loan back because the government already payed C R England for those classes. Is that true????

to ajrl890 #1125955

I would like to know that answer


my other half went to fontana training facilty in may ....they conned him into 9 mo lease telling him that it would b 45 days b4 they could get him a company truck to now every week he is stuck with a little check or owing company money..he cant send money home ..we r about to lose the roof over our heads..and the best part is that hes been gone since the day he left..he put in for home time but i dont count on it!!!! :upset


my husband recently left july 21st and still isnt home and today is Sept 15th poor husband always has to take advances on his pay due to the company keeps screwign him over on his miles he sat in washington state for an entire weeka dn didnt get paid then finally they moved him to salt lake city and he sat in a freaking hotel with a bunch of idiots who keeps pushing him around and he complained and said I dont want this job anymore and they told him he made a commitment and if he quits it will go on his credit of money he owes the company.

wtf si that *** I hate this company with a passion there nothing but a bunch of crooks and liars.:(


most people are old enough to spot a problem before it takes you out.most people get into trucking thinking they will be rich over night.

get smart there are hundreds of people that are just fine working for CR England. but there are always people like the ones who make comments that think they should have stuff handed to them. they cant even speak the language and they have been done wrong! what ever.

grow up stop crying and just admit trucking wasn't for you or you are to *** to figure out how to make it. you don't become a success after your first 4 month. you have to put some time into what you do pin heads. good luck to you guys.

oh why don't you go back to your own country or your cave were you came from.poor baby grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to stop being a whinier #812482

You are wrong sir.I am currently an IC with CRE as of 5/6/14 and have been since 12/29/13.

all he is saying is TRUE! i HAVE RAN A TOTAL OF 75,000 + SAFE MILES and only made a total of $812.13. i am currently also living off my $100 a week com data advance. They F%$# you over and nickle and dime you as a non company driver.

This MORMON company owns half of salt lake ut. they also are running a monopoly.

Blood relatives own Knight, Swift, Pride and 2 others.All of which are shady as F%$#

to stop being a whinier #939551

You suck.I was an IC for CRE 2011-2012.

Pay is great if you know how to run your truck, keep your paperwork, and maintain great fuel mileage.

I made at least $1,000 a week.I left because I thought the company needed some changes and my temp lease was up.

to stop being a whinier Cumberland, Maryland, United States #939608

You are a *** , and a liar ..most people are Not trained at reading contracts ,and most do not have attorneys on the job hunt with them..

these people are the deceptive in their highering process, and to shoot holes in your theory , "look at the amount of complaints VS people like you ..whom I would consider a plant from the company, or just an *** .

to stop being a whinier #1058087

Are you serious?My husband and I weren't expecting to have anything handed to us however, we did expect to be compensated for hours of work.

Made just enough to eat, paid way below minimum wage.Why is this not illegal?

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