Read before signing up to lease a truck, thru trucking school...

CREngland is already known for this, beware.

Truck Driving Jobs for $100,000 Per Year

Monday, September 1st, 2008 at 6:21 pm from: (www.askthetrucker.com)

If you are considering a career in professional truck driving, you have undoubtedly come across ads and articles stating that you can make as much as $100,000 per year. Although this can be true, let's put this bitter sweet statement into perspective.

These are the kinds of claims that cause students and new drivers to jump on board with a carrier without giving it the thought that needs to be applied before joining. This is also another reason why so many newcomers to trucking fail. There are simply too many statements like this one floating around all over the internet. Many times, by those who have never even driven a big rig.

There are those making good money with a truck driving career. But what is good money? The facts are, as a new driver you can expect to earn between $30,000 and $35,000 per year as a company driver ( and that's with a decent company). Many new company drivers are averaging $20-25k/yr ( based on 48 weeks @.21-.27 cpm @2000/ mpw.) Veteran drivers with good safety records should be paid at least .45/cpm.

Owner Operators can gross $100,000 per year and then some, but keep in mind that this is gross income. After tax right offs, personal taxes, expenses, etc., the final income (net) can easily be cut in half if not more. Now, that is still a net income of around $50,000 per year, which is very good.

Just understand that not all Owner Operators are making this alluring $100-200k per year (Although with good business practice it is very possible). Successful Owner Op's have spent years of hard work, educating themselves on business finance and management, and have "paid their dues" so to speak, in order to rake in this sum of gross income. It does not happen over night for the majority of drivers.


Leasing programs through trucking companies are the best way for a new driver to "purchase" a truck in order to become an "owner operator." It is also the best way for a new driver to fail. Studies show that drivers that "buy" a truck through one of these leasing "scams" experience an 87% failure rate. Let's talk about the truth when it comes to these leasing programs. Studies show that the carrier will decrease the driver's mileage to prevent them from being able to make the payment . . . studies show that companies will add on so many deductions that they were actually receiving 90% of the driver's income

Now is not the time to become an owner operator. Fuel is too expensive, maintenance is still too high and there is still an influx of too many drivers and not enough freight. When you find these articles and ads claiming you can earn $100,000 per year driving a truck, just be careful. There are simply too many avenues that can take you down the wrong road.

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I recently meet a young man in his 30's struggling in a lease with C.R.England He has NOT been able to get home for over 4 months as his dispatcher will not get him a load home or even to the west coast.

They have been keeping him running to New York Chicago Denver and Huston he lives in Communist Controlled California. On top of that his last pay check had several charges for maintenance that was originally said to be covered in the lease. sure I understand Lawyers (legal crooks) write the lease and corrupt sales agents lie and coerce people into a lease. I would like to find just one honest person who could help explane how a driver could get out of this legal contract.

I have an acquaintance who had a lease with a Central. He called their bluff telling them they are lucky to get the truck back in good working condition.

Either they take back the truck and rip up the papers or he was going to get ugly with them having nothing else to live for.Last I heard they took the truck back ripped up the lease and did not put anything on his credit report.

Prestonsburg, Kentucky, United States #291836

"DONT DO IT ! STAY AWAY FROM C.R. ENGLAND. I went there, did the whole deal, and did not make zip! Noone I ever talked to there made even minimum wage, much less any real money. They ( mormans) have ways to scam drivers that we have never even heard or seen before. Just try ANYONES trucking co. accept England."

You spell it as Mormons not "mormans" The LDS church has nothing to do with this company. The business might be owned by Mormons but any person of any race religion or country can be corrupt. Im an ex-Mormon and most Morons I know are good people at heart.

I agree with you to stay away from this company, but don't judge a whole religion based off a few people. You can find people like this in every religion.



ENGLAND. I went there, did the whole deal, and did not make zip! Noone I ever talked to there made even minimum wage, much less any real money. They ( mormans) have ways to scam drivers that we have never even heard or seen before.

Just try ANYONES trucking co.accept England.

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