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I gave england every chance possible. They tell you in school that the .14 variable mileage is to pay for your dm and stuff but...if you read the paperwork england pays that to horizon. also i have yet to find anything, that is available to me, about the restriction on how fast my truck can run. I have the same problem as every one else 60 mph and they give me team loads. if you read the contract with horizon it states that i have control of this vehicle. england, in their driver policies, states that COMPANY trucks are governed at 65 mph. when you ask horizon to bump up the speed they say no. the contract states they will not interfere with the quiet operation of this vehicle.

also when you turn in a truck they keep all your money for 45 days to pay for anything that is wrong with the truck. when i got my truck it had less than a 1/4" on the brakes and went into the shop one hr after signing the lease. (they only let you drive the truck around the lot no faster than 5mph.) the truck went into 3 more international shops for a combined total of 3 weeks straight of work. there was so much wrong with this truck! i bet that if i asked the previous driver they would tell me they kept all his money and they didnt fix anything. so my truck number is 93928 a 2009 international prostar. so hopefully who ever gets it after me can see this and we can talk about what they charged me and what that they DIDNT fix. i finally ran 5764 miles with a phase 2 student. after all said and done i paid student 692 and my check was 635. and he wrecked my truck! i signed the lease on apr 8 2010 and so far i have had 1 check. the rest was all negative. now i told my dm that i want a straight load to SLC. i am on hometime right now. lets see how long it takes to get me back. what can be done to stop these people.

something to ponder. those of you on the as a phased 2 trainer the students had a min of 30 days on my truck. now they are sending me qualcomm messages that they only have to be on my truck for 10 days now!!! how many of you feel safe about a driver that spends 30 days in phase 1(where they are used to drive and that is all. no training. the phase ones are using them to make money. ask any phase 1 student how much they know!) then goes to phase 2 and spends 10 days in the truck and the phase 2 trainers are having to back track and cover what the ph1 trainers are not doing. SO now they move on and get a 80k lb 72' long truck AND can become a phase 2 trainer with only 40 days of training total! you can never drive a truck in your whole entire life, go two weeks to school, spend 40 days with 2 trainers( one who prob just graduated like they are fixing to) and then get your own truck and then train. this company needs to be shut down!

anyone you know wants to go to england do everything short of breaking their legs. they consider that! YOU WILL FAIL IF YOU GO TO THAT COMPANY! THE LEASE PROGRAM IS DESIGNED FOR THE DRIVER TO FAIL!!!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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england tried to strand me in georgia I was living on food stamps at least I had them while working full time as a lease operator for a trucking company lol funny isn't it well when they tried to strand me I borrowed $300.00 from my dad to buy diesel and deadheaded to my house in oklahoma I had been working for england for 11 months so by then my bank account was overdrawn and I was completely broke oh so You know they tried to strand me in georgia by pulling my loads and shutting off my fuel card so back to what I was saying I was completely broke so I had to start pawning tools and such to pay my dad back did get everything back after getting another job I ended at england $17,000 in the hole would warn anyone from ever thinking about getting a job with this evil parasitic abomination of a company oh yeah equinox didn't do their job and file my taxes so the I.R.S. got a 1099 showing I made $59,000 without showing any of the expenses so now I'm being audited by the I.R.S. and england won't answer my calls and won't send me the records showing my debits and credits so now I'll have to peice it together and pay twice for the same filing period so to any of you thinking about making the mistake of hiring on with this "company" hows that sound wanna deal with this kind of stuff?


hey joe go to crst they are a team company but they will pay you not the best company in america but there is no comparison with the parasitic nature of CR england


I was thinking about going to cr england to get my cdl, now after reading all of the comments, I have changed my mind! I think I will apply at Wal-mart or Burger King!


Bottom line there are too many stories on the web for this company to treat you right.

I regret the years I wasted with them.

They really do suck


I swore I would never say anything bad about England, but I also swore i would never swear. I was a L/O with England for 6 months after attending their school, being with a phase 1 trainer for 30 days, and being with a phase 2 trainer for 11 days.

I signed a 6 month lease on a 2010 International ProStar. I had a 2nd seat, who attend the schooling with me on the truck as well. I knew i was in for rough times when we broke down on the side of the road in Ohio. the truck would not accelerate.

I called England for help and the response I got was, "Sorry, it's your truck, not ours. You need to figure it out for yourself. After 3 weeks of intermittent problems, and being told by International we would have to wait 5 days just for them to diagnose the problem, we found a dealer in South Carolina that looked at and fixed the problem in 2 hours. The problem was a bad resistor on the pedal.

I will admit that we did make money. At the beginning we agreed to split everything 50/50, and it worked. our checks averaged between $700-1300 per week, EACH!

Bad things started happening when, after taking a week of home time, my second seat never came back. I couldn't get a hold of him and he never contacted me.

Well, during the home time, the lease payment, the insurance payment and all the rest of the "fixed cots" kept accruing. As a solo driver, you can never recover from going in the hole. I worked my *** off of the next 3 months and never took home a check. I lived off the cash advance of $100 per week they allow you to take.

I finally turned in my truck and I am waiting for them to hit me with a huge amount I owe them for bringing the truck back up to their standards. I fully expect to be sued for at least $5000. And England WILL sue me. I delivered their cargo for 3 months and never received a check.

They took money out of my pay for almost any reason you can imagine. I thank England for the training, but I have moved on. I have also found out there are MANY other options other than England. If you really want to join this profession, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

TALK TO DRIVERS FOR DIFFERENT COMPANIES! If you want an excellent company to get training from and work for, ask me. I work for a great company now. Oh and by the way, in the past month I have received 2 email from England.

They want me to come back. Without hesitation, I simply hit, "delete"


i work for cr england have for 1 yr when i started 60 days for phase 2 i got my truck a peice of garbage 08 freightliner century with 398000 miles on started traing phase 2 in 6 months the truck had been to the shop about 25 times i put a total of 5000 dollars into in 6 months.they still can not fix it i drive and truck will shut off uphill down hill flat land told road service and horzin the said ride it out when truck shuts off u still have brakes ,air compressor,jake break ,power stering , they r full of *** u have nothing i have been trying to turn truck in for 4 weeks now so i will not have an abonedment on my dac well waitng to get to school i am 500 dollars in debt to england my bank is overdrawn 700 dollars cause england keeps trying to get money from my account and it cost me 35.00 every time they do it have not had real food in 4 weeks living off pb and jelly sandwiches. so a word to the wise before u sighn stand up and tell england and horizin to go f off do not sign england is the worst oh by the way my truck number is 93365 do not get it and phase 2 students r in ur truck for 7 days now


i am sooo shocked to hear these stories i do know that from speaking with other employees that you may be fired from there but never laid off no unemployment that way i have seen england drivers fist fight in truckstops and indeed heard stories of disgust maybe i really should look elsewhere for fair treatment


LOL yep its now 10 days. as of a couple weeks ago.

I get a phase II student on my truck a week and a half later the TC is sending QCALM to student saying he needs to request me to take him to school so he can upgrade and lease his own truck. They havent accepted any CO drivers in months. Free school in mira-Loma. Trucks getting abondoned everywhere its nuts.

With the economy and record unemployment rates, there are so many americans out there desperate for work. Fast food companys are now able to pick and choose quality work for a first time dew to a lot of quality workers so desperate for work they would be thrilled to work at a fast food place. Here is this trucking CO who cant even get employees. Very funny.

They jacked our fuel compliance as well. They took loves and sapp bros. off optimizer. You are in deliver/recieve goods in middle of knowere, then get next load assighnment and there is no optimized solution you the L/O (Lease Operator) pay full pump price for the fuel and it now also counts ageanst your compliance, so no we (L/O)getting screwed there.

On our bonus points we used to be able to reduce the .14c with every upgrade.

They removed that. Now its .14 for life or till they raise it


They changed it. It was 30 days when I started for phase II training, When I got to phase II truck they changed it to 60 days a couple weeks earlier.

Things are a lot different now. They cant keep drivers in there trucks. They screwed up the company driver program big time. People have started to look for a few minuts on internet before applying at truck companies finding out crengland is at bottom and going to other trucking companies. ets.The only fleet in england that is expanding is relief and recovery fleet. Mostly recovery part. From what I have heard from fellow employees in that fleet drivers are abondoning there trucks at record rates. Pretty bad when job is so bad you just park truck on side of highway and walk away, knowing the consequences of doing so are so extreme.

As it is now the school in mira-loma is free and they are still having hard time keeping full classes. I am phase II trainer/solo with 6 months driving exp.(greenhorn). I have had some reall winners on truck(phase II students. Drivers who could not possibly pass legit dot physica. Tons of pills ets. Drivers who refuse to work more than 8 hour shifts with half dozen breaks ets. The phase II students they are giving me are downright scary. They only need to be on my trk for 10 days as stated by the fist person. They are having impossible time putting drivers in all there trucks so they keep lowering all the standards obviously this makes a huge problem in the making as far as public safety, as well as many other issues.


You say they only have to do 10 days in phase 2? When I went in to phase 2, after waiting 10days for a trainer,they told me it was for 35 days(it's also in their handbook)this was Dec 08.

While in the middle of training they upped it to 60 days and didn't tell me, So I finished my 35days got the trainer to sign off on my paper work and when aI called Salt Lake to notify them they said I wasn't done and had to go out for 30 more days! The it took them an additional 2weeks to find a trainer at the end of the 30 days they wouldn't let my trasiner drop me off as they had too many people waiting for trucks in Utah so I drove for anther 3weeks at .20/mile and then had to take a bus to Salt Lake. No company drivers unless willing to team at .22/mile for a year. so I least a smelly truck and made no money as so many have stated before me.

I turned in the truck in July 09 and they expect me to pay them for the screwed up trsining school. I wanted to work and wanted to drive sosl for a couple of months before taking on a trainee just to be better prepared but sitting for days with no freight and then being asked to drive past my 70 hrs on different times, having requested hometime ignored and a Dm that took more time of in 3 months then I have had in 12 yrs just was too much to put up with.

Stay away from CR England. Every New Graduate Lands A New Debt

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