They are using hair follicle drug test now.Very unfair, especially when it already has a 90% turnover rate.

There are some out there, who will stop smoking pot and whatever else they use to start a new career.

But when a hair follicle test can go back 7 yrs, that will add to drivers being put out of work. DOT randoms call for urine test, not hair test. They don't offer you goverment pay, so why use government drug test.

People should notify ACLU reps, and DOT to see if they have the right to use these test.

I guess all their drivers are perfect and can raise the dead as the only one perfect man did

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I will say that I am just getting into this industry myself.Schneider, Melton, and CR England seem to be the main companies that use this test.

Before I got into this industry I engineered and installed mechanical systems for NASA, Lockheed Martin, the U.S. Navy, and U.S. Air Force. Never once did they do anything outside of a urine sample or swab-saliva test.

I find it incredibly embarrassing that our country allows such an invasion of privacy.

When I found out about this testing for truck driving I was appalled. Schneider was begging me to work for them because of my government background. i have worked overseas for several years as a civilian employee.

I called Schneider myself and told them to stop asking me to work for their inferior outfit and spread the word to everyone I knew. I can pass one all day, but I would never work for a company that thinks they can convince our poor truck drivers that hair follicle testing is making our roads safer. If they cared about safety they would use breathalyzer machines making the drivers blow before they drive. Or possible completing a field sobriety test on their digital logging systems to see if any drug abuse will effect their driving for the day.

Along with the random urine analysis. What people do after work NEVER causes them to crash. It's when their recreational activities make their way into the truck that bad things happen.

Main point?

If I can work on missile...

Truck drivers are important and prestigious men. They deserve their privacy. I mean for God's sake you can fly a plain with hundreds of people in it over cities containing millions but you can't drive milk up the street without a hair follicle. Again so disgusting.

I hope this runs them out of business.

As far as those that can pass that love to say things like, "You shouldn't be driving a truck if you do illegal things anyways" or one of my favorites, "You should have nothing to worry about if you're following the law" should seriously get a clue. Wait until they put you on a lie detection test and ask you if you even smoked a joint at even as a teenager, and fire you over something you did 20 years ago. I bet you won't feel the same way then.

This is invasion of privacy. People that quit drugs years ago should be commended for their hard work. Not exposed and disqualified for being a better person.

Maybe they will end up going back to that drug.Definitely a sick situation.


A Man W/ A Clue

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to Ricky Bobby Naperville, Illinois, United States #947554

My Husband been at cr England for three weeks still no hair drug test so my question is do they really do one if so when??


I have a rare condition called alopecia but I know I have enough hair to be tested. Can they use head or eyebrow hair?


They take a body sample off your buttcrack that dates back a year so be prepared to bend over!!


if you so not like the drug policy, then don't try to work for them, simple as that.

to three New Port Richey, Florida, United States #939242

get *** and die


yeah a hair test can only go back 60 to 90 days

to The man #1025515

You say a hair test can only go bk 90days


Well there out of Utah so that tells you a lot right there. Mormons don't like people playing with there money or equipment


so do they hair test or not?

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