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Update by user Aug 24, 2013

I strongly advise you to go to another company. This is the biggest scam ever.

My army recruiter didn't lie to me this much. Such a huge company now I know why they are scammers and just get your money and do not care about their employees who are over worked and tired which are 2 things you do not want a truck driver to be.

Original review posted by user Aug 24, 2013

I went to truck driving school there and passed. Have been on the road ever since.

I have had 10 days home in 5 months. The said they paid per-diem which was a lie. They said I would be 14 days out and 2 in and that was a lie. They never give the rite directions or the right places I am to deliver to.

You can never speak to a D.M. they are never there or busy. My truck was overloaded and I got caught at a scale station which they then took out of my pay.

I had the paper work saying how heavy the load was. No one seems to know what they are doing in this company.

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Austin, Texas, United States #799057

CR England never let's you go home I work there in 1999. 21 cents a mile.

A weeks check $150.00 maybe 200.00. :cry

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #787316

C.R England is a shiiiittttt company, They just fired my husband because he hit a car going in the parking lot but nobody hurts.its was an accident and the C.R.England fired him immidiately the other driver just drop him in the middle of the road in Texas to find he's own way home.i was so disappointed what they did to my husband is in humanity.i just felt so upset because my husband need to rent a car to pick up he's jeep in Salt Lake city in Utah.but after all i read all the oomplaints about C.R England i felt relieved and happy because he get out from that C.R england immidiately he was just 2months training. God knows what is best for him.

and i'm sure he can find a better truck company driver.

i'm so sorry for my English i'm not fluent. just share to everybody what they did to my husband so you can have a better ideas and look for a better company.good luck..

to aya Florida, United States #862526

dumb husband, 2 months training, is a red flag there, and still get in accident, maybe he is a bad driver

to trcker #869903

You really don't have any friends, or anyone who loves you, right?


My husband has been driving for C.R. England for 6 months and he doesn't even make minimum wage!

I printed off the California truck drivers laws, and do you know C. R. England doesn't go by the laws. How can they get away with this!

They treat my husband like dirt and he is no baby. He is a very patient man and never looses his temper, but this is wearing on him. Now I know why they have armed guards at the main yard in Utah.

There must be a lot of pretty pissed off people. They should be worried!


They only care about money not drivers,I got caught a scales to with an over weight trailer on I 15 . I had to pay the ticket because CREngland doesn't care, at least the CHP already knows that CRENGLAND CO is a piece and doesn't care about it's drivers. So he cut the weight in half for me knowing the company is a piece of ***.

to Anonymous Florida, United States #862529

you didn't got caught, you fail as a driver you drove over weight ,jajajajaja don't blame the company

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