I found this article on a couple of web sites and it is very eye opening, if any one knows a female going into driving have her read this.


It changed my mind about this company, I realize most male drivers are NOT like this but it's the companies response that made me decide not to go. Thanks to every one posting their comments I dug a little deeper and did not like what I read about CRE especially being single and trying to get into a new type of job. I worked loading docks at a factory for 31/2 years and got to know the drivers so they pretty much told me the pros and the ***'s of the business and with me being a female they told me what to watch out for but I never really got into the topic of schools so this is really startling. I am still going to school but it is hard to get any financial help that is why I thought CRE would be good. Now I am going to wait, saved up money and go after spring go to a good school which is NOT going to be CR England.

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